Thank You For Visiting!
2022 Juneteenth Heritage Celebration
Virtual Business Seminars
 June 13-18, 2022
Theme: "Celebrating Our Rich Legacy" 

The Juneteenth-Jefferson City Board and Planning Committee THANK YOU for your support, and patience as we enter into the third year of COVID. Though, COVID continue to be with us, vaccines have given us a degree of freedom that we have all prayed for.  We are blessed to return the 2022 in-person Juneteenth Heritage Celebration to where it all began 21 years ago, the grounds of the Jefferson City Community Center and the newly constructed Community Park. We have planned for you entertainment and activities for your enjoyment and uplifting experience. We look forward to, and ask for your prayers and support of our 21st Juneteenth Anniversary in Jefferson City of "Celebrating Our Rich Legacy". We welcome your suggestions, comments, and concerns. Please Pray For Our Country And The World.

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(573) 680-1611 or (573) 694-3398