Virtual Juneteenth Heritage Festival 2020
June 20, 2020  -  1:00 p.m.
A Virtual "Juneteenth’s Got Talent"  Competition

The 2020 Juneteenth Heritage Festival will feature a Virtual "Juneteenth's Got Talent" competition on Saturday June 20th. This year's event will be presented on virtual platforms via the Juneteenth - Jefferson City website: and  Social Media.  Viewing of the Virtual Juneteenth Heritage Festival begins at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 20th.

We are "Star Searching" for talents that sing, dance, speak, rap, hip-hop, play instruments, etc., If you "think" you have talent, or if you "know" that you have talent, you are invited to enter the competition. We are looking for all talents.  

Participants may compete in one of two age categories which are: Category I - Youth: 17 & below or Category II - Adult: 18 & above. 1st and 2nd Place Cash Prizes will be awarded in each age categories.

         Category I: Youth            Category II: Adult

                       1st Place  - $200               1st  Place - $200
                        2nd Place - $100               2nd Place - $100
 The talent competition is open to the public and all are invited to showcase your talent. If you wish to enter the "Juneteenth's Got Talent" competition you will need to create a video (via video camera, phone, tablet, computer etc.) recording of your talent performance and submit the recording to us.

Video Requirements are: Length of video should be three (3) minutes or less and no less than 750 pixels. Performance should be recorded in good lighting (The brighter the lights the better.) and clear space (No clutter in the background).

To enter the competition please complete the on-line registration and upload your talent video file no later than June 12th.

View competition guidelines and scoring components: Click here  

Participants registration: Click here

 Upload video file visit:
email to:

The virtual Juneteenth Heritage Festival is a family event, and it is expected that all performances will be clean, decent and appropriate. Any inappropriate language (cursing, vulgarity), conduct or any other undesirable behavior will result in disqualification from consideration. The 2020 Juneteenth Planning Committee reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of a video entry. The competition will be judged by a selected five (5) judge panel.) 230-091     

To view portions of a previous "Juneteenth's Got Talent" Competition: Click here
Thank you for your interest in "Juneteenth's Got Talent". Good Luck!