Tribute to Fathers

"Daddy and Me" Photo Entry

As we move into the Father's Day Season, Juneteenth - Jefferson City desires to "Continue the Legacy" in the way of honoring fathers during this time. Previous years Juneteenth - Jefferson City has honored fathers by hosting a banquet and awarding a "Father of the Year". Since we are in a "New Normal" due to the pandemic we wish to give honor and recognize fathers virtually in the "Daddy and Me" segment.

We are inviting you to recognize and give honor by submitting a picture of you (together) and your father/guardian or father figure. The photo will be presented on screen during the Juneteenth Heritage Celebration via our website and other social media. All you need to do is register and upload a photo of you and whom you wish to honor (father/guardian/father figure).

Juneteenth "Daddy and Me" Photo Registration Form



I understand that all media file entries (videos, pictures, etc.) submitted to Juneteenth - Jefferson City for consideration of use in the Virtual 2020 Juneteenth Celebration will become the property of Juneteenth - Jefferson City and may be used for promotion or advertisement by Juneteenth - Jefferson City. I further understand that the media I have submitted may be placed, disseminated, or viewed on the internet. The Media Submitter (Party of the Second Part) will hold harmless and indemnify Juneteenth - Jefferson City (Party of the First Part) against any and all claims and actions arising out of any aspect of participation in Juneteenth - Jefferson City's Virtual 2020 Juneteenth Celebration, including, without limitation, expenses, judgments, fines, settlements and other amounts actually and reasonably incurred in connection with any liability, suit, act, loss, or damage arising or resulting from participation of the Party of the Second Part in this event. I will not be a part of any legal action against Juneteenth-Jefferson City or its Board.

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